Approved June 11, 2001


The purpose of this document is to give new and existing homeowners a guide to architectural rules governing Hampton Ridge.  This document uses as it base, and elaborates on the established Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions document that homeowners acknowledge when closing on their home.

This guide is by no means meant to be the final word on what is acceptable within Hampton Ridge.  The Architectural Review Board and the Board of Directors reserve the right to meet with individual homeowners to review options and make rulings accordingly.


I.                     Fences

            A.      Styles

                   1.      Picket or modified picket with finished side out

                   2.      Split Rail

                   3.      Invisible animal type

                   4.      Privacy (Any fence with less than 30% open space)

             B.     Materials

                    1.      Treated wood or wood with like characteristics, i.e. Redwood or Cedar

                    2.      Vinyl clad           

                    3.      Stone

                    4.      Brick

                    5.      Iron

                    6.      Any combination of the above



              C.     Dimensions

                    1.      For all styles excepting privacy fencing

                          a.      maximum height six (6) feet

                          b.      maximum board  1 X 6

                          c.      minimum see through space between boards: 30%

                          d.      must follow the contour of the lot

                   2.    For Privacy fences

                          a.      maximum height 6 feet - maximum board 1 X 6

                          b.      there is no minimum see through space

             D.     Colors

                   1.      Natural/wood color/stains

                   2.      White

                   3.      Other colors, only subject to approval

             E.     Placement

                   1.      Not past the midpoint of the side of the building/house, or side street setback

                   2.      Fences of like kind may be placed on the property line when agreed upon in writing by both adjoining parties

                   3.      Corner lot homes’ fences will not be closer to street than side street setback

II.                   Decks/Patios

            A.      Materials

                   1.    Treated or like treated wood

                  2.      Concrete/concrete pavers

                  3.      Brick

                  4.      Natural stone

                  5.      Aggregate

**Brick, concrete, slate, stone, or aggregate should be set in concrete or a suitable packed base**

**Must follow local building codes**

            B.      Height

                   1.      Must follow building codes for construction

**Must include all applicable building permits**

            C.     Color

                  1.      Natural

                  2.      White

                  3.      Same as/ coordinating with fencing

                  4.      Other colors with approval

            D.     Location

                  1.      No part of deck/patio should extend beyond the sides of the home

                  2.      Must meet required setbacks

III.                  Sheds, Outbuildings, Doghouses. Playhouses, Gazebos

            A.      Materials

                  1.      Wood, treated or painted

                  2.      Brick

                  3.      Stucco

                  4.      Siding

                  5.      Shingles to match house

**No Metal buildings**

            B.      Styles

                   1.      Tie in with house style

            C.     Dimensions

                   1.      Varies by lot- proposal must be in writing with plat showing size of structure and location on lot

                   2.      Height limit of (1) one story or 12 feet above grade is imposed

            D.     Colors

                   1.      Similar color to house

                   2.      Natural/wood stains

                   3.      White

                   4.      All other colors only with approval

             E.      Placement

                   1.      Within back yard only

                   2.      Outbuildings and doghouses should not be visible from front of lot except for unusual lot shapes or corner lots

IV.                Swing sets, play equipment, trampolines

              A.      Materials

                     1.      Treated Wood

                     2.      Finished metal

                     3.      vinyl coated

              B.      Styles

                     1.      Traditional

              C.     Placement

                     1.      Back yard only

V.                  Clotheslines

**None are permitted**

VI.                Flags/Flagpoles

             A.       Standard house mount

             B.      Stand alone flag poles must have written approval

VII.               Satellite Dishes, Antenna, Radio towers

             A.    Satellite Dishes

                     1.      18" dish maximum

                     2.      Must be placed so as not to be seen from the front of house

             B.        Antennas, Radio towers

**None are permitted on the exterior of house or outbuildings**

VIII.             Solar Panels

**Must submit a written request**

IX.                Basketball Goals

**No basketball goals at street side or in cul-de-sacs**

X.                  Garbage Cans

**Should not be seen from the front of the house**

XI.                House Painting

            A.      Any exterior color changes must have written approval

XII.               Awnings

            A.      Materials

                  1.      Cloth only with framing

            B.      Separate awning cover per window

            C.     Color must coordinate with house color

            D.     Placement on back of house only

XIII.             Pools

**In-ground pools must have written approval**

**Above ground pools are prohibited**

**Children’s wading pools without filtration do not need approval**

XIV.            Jacuzzi/ Hot tub

            A.       Styles

                   1.      In-ground, In-deck or trimmed as integral part of deck or patio at rear of house only

            B.      Proper fencing, railing, or cover required

XV.             Retaining Walls

            A.      Materials

                  1.      Treated wood

                  2.      Concrete/stucco

                  3.      Interlock cast units

                  4.      Slate/stone

           B.      Style

                  1.      Must coordinate with house design

           C.     Color

                  1.      Natural

                  2.      Coordinate with house colors

           D.     Placement

                  1.      Must submit written request for approval

XVI.            Tinted windows

**Should not give mirror reflection**

XVII.          Signs

            A.       One and only one regular realty sign while house is listed for sale

                   1.      No directional signs allowed

                   2.      One "Open house" sign is allowed only at the main entrance on the day of the open house and must be removed within 2 hours of ending.

            B.      Company supplied home security signs may be placed strategically around house

            C.      One special event sign, i.e. Garage sale, Birthday may be placed in the yard the day of the event

            D.      Special consideration will be given to birth announcement signs

**No job or hobby related signs are permitted**

XVIII.       Exterior/Holiday Lighting
A.   Exterior Lighting should be with white/yellow bug resistant bulbs only

      1.       Holiday colored bulbs are allowed during the season and must be removed by the second week of November for Halloween and the last week in January for Christmas. This is to include string lighting and lawn ornaments.

XIX.          On street parking

      A.      On street parking during daylight hours is discouraged.

      B.     On street overnight parking is not permitted.

     1.        Special circumstances will be reviewed on an individual basis.

      a.      Requests must be made through the board in advance of the need for on street parking.

XX.           Pooper scooper rule

A.        The City of Huntersville has a law in place that requires pet owners to clean up after their pet defecates on property owned by another person and all public spaces. If you do not clean up after your pet, the Police Department will be notified.

XXI.          Time Restraints

                 A.         Approval on homeowner submissions

                         1.       The Architectural Review Board, by covenants, has up to thirty days to respond to a homeowner’s request.  However, this committee will attempt to notify the homeowner within seven to ten days.

                         2.       It may be necessary for the board to visit the property before approval is granted.

XXII.        Submittal Procedure

                 A.         Submit requests in writing, with plat map, description, and dimensions to your Architectural Review Committee chairperson.